Primarius Blog - The WWWWWH & HM

Muriel Oliver
Update | 26 Jun 2020

When we are asked for advice, we always ask for the full details so that we may give a detailed and informed response, we call it the "WWWWWH & HM" as follows:

  1. Who: is the transaction or question for an individual or entity?  If so which one?
  2. What: we need to understand what transaction the question is about.
  3. When: it is always crucial to understand the timing before we can advise.
  4. Where: is this in relation to an Australian transaction or International?  If it is about Australia - which state?
  5. Why: if we can get to the root of why something is occurring or is a concern it is easier to find a solution.
  6. How: is bank funding or a capital raising needed or is there anything unusual about how it is being done.
  7. How much: the solution to any question is very different if you are talking about a $1, $10,000, or $1M transaction.

These details are all required whether the question is about buying/selling a property and the CGT or other implications or about paying your teenage children to work in your business packing boxes.  The more information at hand the more detailed and accurate the solution will be.  So please do bear with us when we ask you the WWWWWH & HM - we just want to get it right!

On another note, if you are capturing or entering data, then the aim of the game is to include all the information you can possibly obtain in at the beginning and avoid the need to do it later.


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