Primarius Blog - Get active in your business

Muriel Oliver
Update | 2 Jul 2020

Business performance seems very hot and cold at the moment.  However, what we do know is that many of the businesses doing well are extremely active.  Today we want to talk about working IN your business.  These are the everyday things you do to keep your business running on an ordinary business day.

Working in your business includes:

  1. Serving your clients - client care has never been more important than now; we see stress in everyone around us and any purchase transaction needs to be stress-free.
  2. Quality control - protect your brand and name by ensuring your product or service is consistent. 
  3. Keeping an eye on your numbersevery business has some standard KPIs and some industry benchmarks, use these!
  4. Managing your cash flow - now more than ever the old adage "Cash flow is King" applies in our current economy.
  5. Looking after your team - we know that looking after our clients means putting our own oxygen mask first, so we are doing all our 6-monthly team reviews now.  Read our recent update on this issue - We are all about team

So, everything you do from go to whoa each day.  The opportunity here is how you do it. Be proactive and ensure that you are tweaking and improving every area of your business.  


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