Primarius Blog - Appointment only

Muriel Oliver
Update | 13 Nov 2020

Last updated:4 December 2020

Our offices run by appointment only and have always done so for the following reasons:

  1. Pre-existing meetings: some days we have back-to-back meetings and/or team training and we are unable to assist if someone has a quick question etc, so we would rather just be prepared.
  2. Efficiency: in the past, we often had cases where we needed a quick signature or a response from a client and we had no idea they were popping in to drop something off and we missed the opportunity to attend to both matters at once.
  3. Covid-19 pandemic: whilst we have always worked on an appointment-only basis, it meant during the height of the restrictions we were still able to keep our office open as we were aware of and could control the number of people in the office at all times. Even though we are not required and will not be registering with SafeWA, we know through our calendar system who had attended our office on any given day.
  4. Office closures: we have had a number of unexpected office closures over the last few years for a number of reasons including renovations and unscheduled power blackouts.  We were then able to contact anyone planning to come in to let them know we would need to make alternate arrangements, saving a wasted trip.

So, please always call, SMS or email us before coming in to see us - our contact details for making appointments may be found here.  If there is anything urgent, please send us an SMS on +61 412 92 18 13.


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