Primarius Blog - If it is not in writing, it never happened

Muriel Oliver
Update | 14 Apr 2021

This is the policy in our office. Why?  Well...for a couple of very simple reasons:

  1. Accurate record: it is documented in the correct context.
  2. Contemporaneous note: Yep, if it is done at the time, we can always refer back to it and it becomes a legal document we (and you!) may rely on. Read more about the elements of a contemporaneous note.
  3. Transparency: If there is anything to be actioned there should be absolutely no reason why it should not be documented.

In the same way, we tell our team (and document it in our policies and procedures) it is pretty simple - If it is not in writing it never happened.  Read more about our own experience in our office story about the scribbled note.


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