Primarius Blog - Launching Salt Financial Care Services Ltd

Muriel Oliver
News | 13 Feb 2019

Last year we launched Salt Financial Care Services Ltd (SALT) ACN 628 069 732 as a non-profit organisation limited by guarantee.  We have often looked for ways to contribute to our community and it occurred to us that pro bono work would be ideal.

Our main aim in setting this up was to assist those people who cannot afford the financial services they need to improve their lives or obtain Centrelink or health benefits.  On the other hand, we often come across people needing or wanting work experience and this work would really suit volunteers as detailed assistance is often time intensive, but also provides an opportunity to learn and gain experience.

We have started off by setting up a separate customer records maintenance (CRM) system entirely so that this work could be kept separate from our customer database.  Since setup, we have assisted in various cases including:

  1. A veteran with PTSD and a tax bill he could not understand that has been building up over years. We are still working with the ATO to seek a resolution on his behalf;
  2. A family with both financial and health issues, who themselves give so much to the community in the form of chaplaincy and mentoring simply by getting their tax matters sorted; and
  3. A Supreme Court matter where one party has been denied access both to information and all funds and needs expert financial and accounting advice to have a fair say in court.

We called it SALT as we feel that salt is a necessity of life and that sound financial advice is just a basic need for many people who are unable to afford it.  We are looking to build this over time as SALT finds ways to build into our community more and more to assist the disadvantaged and disenfranchised in some small way to assist in one aspect of their lives - the financial or taxation matters.

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