Primarius Blog - Email overflow = unsubscribe

Muriel Oliver
News | 2 Jun 2021

Remember when we used to get piles of junk mail into our letterboxes with offers and pamphlets?  99% of the ones we received just went straight in the bin as there was just too many.  We have seen the same thing happening with emails,  we still get flooded with information, but now it is electronic, and it is honestly too much. Some retailers send as many as one email per today, sorry folks that is ridiculous!

The last few weeks my mantra has been email inbox overflow = unsubscribe. 

That is why here at Primarius, we will never flood your inbox with weekly or daily news, we keep our blog updated with news and updates, but we commit to sending a maximum of 2 emails per month (only when lots is happening in our tax/financial world) but generally, we aim to send one update email every 1 -2 months.  You know where to find us if you need more information or would like more regular updates, just email and we shall be happy to respond.  If you want to subscribe to our newsletter list then just click here and complete your details

With information available at our fingertips, we all know how to find what we need, and junk mail has become just that, junk.


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