Primarius Blog - Adding value

Muriel Oliver
Update | 7 Jun 2021

Our business model is about adding value to our clients and their business and/or investment activities. Sometimes this involves our core advisory skill sets including financial, tax and business advisory.  Other times it is about providing simple solutions that save them time and money by organising their financial affairs in better ways.

I was talking to a couple this morning, who are both involved at a high level in large businesses about their plans for their next project.  They are smart, well-educated people and had done a great deal of research into their options.  We were then able to do what we do best and have a meaningful discussion about the options available to them. So our job in these case is to simply add value by applying our skillset to their situation.

Often when we start working with people it is about initial advice on structure in relation to a new opportunity they are considering.  However, over time we find that as their situation develops we are able to add even more value.  Whilst we offer high-level advisory services we also aim to minimise their ongoing costs by providing solutions using good software and easy to follow systems.  

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