Primarius Blog - Ray Croc and being active

Muriel Oliver
Case Study | 8 Jul 2021

Ray Croc said the famous words "If you have time to lean, you have time to clean" in other words if anyone owning or working in business thinks they have nothing to do then there is always some useful activity they can find to do - read the LSM Guide on this interesting topic.

We have a bit of a two-speed economy in Australia once again, some industries are absolutely flying whilst other sectors of our economy are battling.

However, overall we are still in better shape than we were this time last year when we penned this post on being active in your business. Things were looking pretty dismal then with lockdown in force and so much employment and uncertainty. 

How things have turned around for so many! But it is still not time to be complacent, this is a good time to ensure that the business culture and purpose stay on track.

Here at Primarius, we believe in continually working to find better solutions for our clients and their businesses. No matter what your issue is or the problem that is keeping you up at night, tell us and if we do not know the answer we will be happy to point you in the right direction.  Ray Croc was right with his Time to lean, time to clean mantra.



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