Primarius Blog - Disconnect and recharge

Muriel Oliver
Current event | 26 Jul 2021

Over here at Primarius, we love technology and the benefits it brings to us both in our business and personal life.  However, I found this message pretty confronting this morning, basically "0 quiet days" in the last month, and posed the question to me:" Are you able to disconnect and recharge?" - YIKES!  Truth be told we believe in really believe in work hard, play hard and the last few weeks are just about getting everything ready and organised for the new financial year. 

So yes, currently zero quiet days, but we do have our eye on it and plan to ensure we get enough exercise and breaks, starting funnily enough today. We try to maintain balance and sometimes it is just weighted a little more towards one aspect of our lives.

What are you doing to ensure you get a chance to disconnect and recharge? There has been a huge uptake in domestic pets and "pandemic supplies" as many have found man's best friend a source of comfort. Some animal welfare groups are even raising concern about these mutts not getting enough socialisation (with other animals) and what they will do when their owners return to the office?


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