Primarius Blog - Client Testimonial July '22

Muriel Oliver
Case Study | 30 Jul 2021

We know that it is tough to go to sleep when something is worrying you, and we do not want our clients to have sleepless nights over anything we may assist with.  That's why last night just as I was logging off my laptop, I saw a message from a client who was concerned about a change in their work circumstances possibly affecting some of our current planning for them requesting a call back in the morning.

After reviewing the information, I concluded that it was something that I could immediately respond to and sent her a quick email with the conclusion and offering a time to call this morning.  

This is the response I received back shortly afterwards:

"Thank you, I really appreciate what you do. 

No need to phone. 

Kind Regards - L"

Our pleasure L, we enjoy working with you to support you to reach your financial and personal goals.

So hopefully we saved her a sleepless night and this is one of the reasons why we use team emails - it means anyone in that particular team may respond and we do tag-team just to avoid these kinds of stress triggers occurring for our valued clients.

PS: Also, a quick point to note - we are multi-licensed and therefore I was able to answer a query that crosses over between financial planning and taxation matters without hesitation. Read more about our licensing - just click here.



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