Primarius Blog - Why we offer work experience

Muriel Oliver
Update | 27 Feb 2019

We offer work experience on a 2-week rotational basis as we believe the first firm that a trainee or graduate works in is like kindy. it sets the basis for the rest of their career and gives them a chance to make informed decisions about their career path.

Here is why we offer work experience:

  1. Real experience - To give newbies a chance to see what the work is like and if it is for them or not.
  2. Systems & software - To give them training on general office systems and software and to show them how incredibly important technology is in today's real office environment.
  3. No pressure test jobs - they then get to do a few "test" jobs we have set up for our fictitious clients "Adam & Eve Sample".  It does not matter how long it takes them to do it and they can get assistance and guidance. Everyone coming through does the same practice run, so we have model answers, and this keeps the pressure low.  The details are all anonymous, but it gives them a chance to have a go without breaking anything or the risk of breach of confidentiality.
  4. Volunteer jobs - If they enjoy the test jobs then we get them to assist us on our pro-bono jobs through our non-for profit Salt Financial Care Services Limited (SALT)- read more about SALT here.  We are very excited as we have started working with another organisation to assist homeless people to learn skills to get into the workforce.  Getting their tax returns done is a great way to get some hands-on experience.
  5. Resume & references - Work experience attendees can include the details of the aspects learned on their resumes.
  6. Promoting the profession - Accounting and financial advising are rarely promoted at schools - I studied engineering for 3-years before I realised that the only aspect that I liked was the problem solving and the numbers, so quickly switched to accounting.  
  7. Recruitment - We often recruit out of our work experience pool. As recently as last month, we had a school leaver here for two weeks have already offered her a part-time job for when she starts Uni this year. 
  8. Career guidance - we have had a few people over the years that are not suited to what we do, and we've been able to talk to them about their strengths and abilities and in many cases found them positions in other industries or businesses. Read about Larry's work experience and feedback here.

So, if you know anyone who is looking at a career in accounting or financial services, ask them to send their resume and details through to and we'll look at accommodating them.




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