Primarius Blog - Office updates

Muriel Oliver
News | 26 Feb 2024

We are updating our office look and tech, here are a couple of changes:

  1. Phones - our landline system is changing over from ye olde phone system to electronic and the line will be down during the process.  Please use our office mobile 0412 921 813 whilst this is being updated.
  2. Paint -  The "Covid Pink" paint is gone - one last pic in this blog post to remind us all of that colour error!  We decided to refresh the office painting during the first Covid lockdown and the pale "mocha coffee" colour, turned out to be a deep plum (oops!)  So, four years on we decided enough of Covid pink and back to a neutral palette. For those of you that are interested the new colour is called 100% "Light Rice"

As usual, please contact our team using the relevant team email or email our info line on  Alternatively, call or SMS 0412 921 813.



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