Primarius Blog - Benefits of quality assurance under ISO:9001 2015

Muriel Oliver
News | 29 Jul 2022

We have held quality assurance (QA) under the International standard ISO:9001 2015 since the inception of the business - read more about why here. We have seen a lot of cowboys in the financial services industry and were determined not to go the dangerous path travelled by so many others.  Yesterday we once again sailed through our annual re-certification audit, well done Primarius team!

The real everyday benefit for us is having living breathing systems that support everything we do and clear guidelines for not only providing quality products and advice but also for documenting and ensuring actions are completed in full etc.

However, this year is the first time we have actually been asked under the terms of our Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance if we hold any independent accreditations.  Turns out underwriters are now taking this into consideration when rating risk and some insurers will refuse to insure you if it is not held. So, gold star for us!

We have made it an easy-to-use process and cut out many of the old lengthy procedures and cumbersome systems and made it part of our daily job process.  If you want to know more about how this could benefit your business, then contact us at 


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