Primarius Blog - Yay to internships

Muriel Oliver
Current event | 14 Sep 2022

Today we received the great news that one of our work experience interns has successfully gained full-time employment.  For us, this is both a personal and professional win.  

On a personal level, as immigrants ourselves, we remember how hard it is to break into the Australian employment market. So, by working with various training organisations to offer 12-week placements we can support others to get that much-needed experience.

From a professional and business point of view, we hear daily how short-staffed businesses are around us. When we can assist someone in obtaining a position it is a cause for celebration. 

We use initials in the office and our intern MNM has scored herself a full-time role by:

  1. Attending: a 12-week 3-day-a-week work experience program through a registered organisation and hosted by us
  2. Diligently: turning up and being enthusiastic and open to learning and applying new concepts
  3. Evidencing: all the necessary characteristics of being punctual, reliable, and working with all of our team on a mutually respectful basis
  4. Joining: the team in any general office duties with a positive attitude as part of the process.

We were then able to act as referees and provided references for her as needed and to be able to honestly answer questions about her work ethic, dedication, ability to learn etc.

Read more about our internships in accounting and tax and contact us on if you have any questions.

So, cheers to you MNM and wishing you all the best!


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