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Muriel Oliver
Update | 21 Dec 2022

We use Primarius team emails for a couple of reasons:

  • - Easy for you: we want you. our clients to have one single point of contact.
  • - Response times: if someone is away on leave or unwell, someone else on the team will ensure you receive a timely reply and/or action as needed.
  • - Easy for us: we are able to see the various team emails coming in and being responded to and we do not have to worry if someone is away unexpectedly and we certainly do not want to (nor can we) go through our team member's direct emails.
  • - Team matching: just like football teams draft team members, we often move our team from one area to another either to give them more experience or to match their skills and interests to particular clients and/or groups.

Our current team emails are:

  1. Team 1: team leader is Stefan Safar on email address
  2. Team 2: team leader is Pema Yangchen on email address 
  3. Team 3: team leader is Jolomi Faka on email address 

So, in summary, we have set up team emails to ensure there is always someone keeping an eye on things. If in doubt, just email and we will be happy to assist you.

Remember if there is anything urgent just SMS 0412 92 18 13 which is our PFS mobile phone which is monitored at all times.

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